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FVU Mission

Flathead Valley United will be the club team offered for U13 (2007-2000) and above. This is the age at which players start playing 11v11 on the big field, and we feel it is the best age at which to offer these Premier and Select level teams for all players in the valley. Flathead Valley United, now open to all U13-U18 players in the valley, has been a program long needed in this area. The benefits of participating in a program like this are varied and tangible. For years, the two league clubs in the valley have tried various ways to collaborate to offer more soccer opportunities for families, and each attempt has taught us about how best to work together as well as how best to serve our members. Now, with a new structure to the MYSA league and an agreement on a vision for the future of soccer in the Flathead, the time is right to offer this program as a joint venture between the Force and the Rapids. -- for more info & FAQs see below ...

Season Layout


Uniforms Order Here

All FVU (2007-2000) players will need the entire kit plus the dark green custom jersey. Players need the  custom dark green jersey, white Adidas jersey, black Adidas shorts, white socks and black socks. If you don't have any kit, you will need to order the full kit PLUS the custom green jersey. If you don't have a number email us and we will figure that out with you. This store is open for a very limited time. No late orders will be accepted, so please to not hesitate to put in your order. The close of the entire store will be January 4th. Uniform kits will arrive close to the start of the season.  Numbers for the jerseys will be assigned by the club.  If you have any questions or concerns about the numbers please contact the league office.  Due to the custom nature of the uniforms, they may take up to eight weeks.  The Club will organize with each team's manager to deliver the kits to you when they are ready. Orders for uniforms MUST be placed by the deadline. If you have any questions, please email us at




Registration period:  Registration closes December 6th.

Cost for Fall: $595.00 ($50 when you register, and then 3-4 monthly payments starting in January 2020.) $495 for select teams.

All players will be charged a $50 volunteer fee. As long as you put in the required volunteer hours for your player(s) and we mark you off, this $50 fee will be refunded. See Policy Here.

For Spring Season:  Premier teams wanting to go to Regionals will pay an additional $50/per player to be eligible. This will be decided on as a team at the mandatory parent meetings after evaluations. If the team then makes it to Regionals (Boise), each player would pay an additional $40 towards coach costs.


Who: All U13-U19 players from all communities (those born from 2000-2007)

When: August through October

Training is 3 times per week.  Practice locations will be determined by the makeup of the team. With access to both Smith Fields in Whitefish and Kidsports in Kalispell.

Spring Tournaments:

  • Hot Shots, Coeur d Alene May 9-10
  • 3 Blind Refs, Kalispell June 6-7
  • State Cup, Great Falls June 13-14

All financial assistance paperwork needs to be in to the soccer office by December 1st  for Spring Season.

Program Details & FAQs

This program now offered in the Fall and Spring is open to all players born between 2007 and 2000. Depending on numbers, we will be forming Premier and Select teams at the 2005 and 2006 birth years. There are a number of reasons this is being offered for players in the valley, and we are excited to be able to form solid teams for everyone at these age groups. 

  • Players develop at the fastest rate when training and playing with others at a similar developmental level. Top-level players need to play on a team with others who can contribute to their growth, not hold them back. Players fighting to reach the highest level need to play with others in the same place, all growing together to reach their fullest potential. With a limited player pool in the Valley, this program will offer a place for all players to train without the floor and ceiling being too far apart.

  • By combining resources, Flathead Valley United will be able to offer the high-level coaching while keeping costs for families contained. We have some amazing coaches here in the valley, and we want them to come together and help each other with a consistent message and mission. Working from the same developmental model as each club, players will be able to have a consistent message and path to victory from age 4 to 18.

  • The highest level youth clubs in the world acknowledge that the key to creating better players lies in having consistent games. The perfect practice/game ratio is 3/1, and this program offers a chance for players to play in consistent games throughout the season. The Premier team is guaranteed more home games and a more traditional one-game-per-weekend structure, and MYSA is looking at creating a similar structure for the Select league as well. While playing in high-level tournaments are always a draw, having a consistent league season is crucial in creating an environment for players to develop to their fullest extent.

  • With the combination of all players at the older age groups, Flathead Valley United will be a stable program offering consistent games and tournaments year after year. Families will no longer have to wonder what the program is going to look like each season, nor will they have to weigh the relative costs and benefits of separate programs as they know FVU will be able to provide the consistency and development their player needs.

  • Being able to field teams with consistent player development levels allows us to schedule competition against similarly competitive teams. Our aim is to eliminate lopsided victories or losses by creating competitive teams within each league of MYSA. All players will have the chance to play against similar competition, creating a better environment for growth.

  • All players and families of Flathead Valley United will have the opportunity to learn what it really takes to play at the next level. We will offer an educational program to all players interested in pursuing college opportunities, explaining exactly what it takes to find and obtain a chance to play at the next level. From parents of players currently playing in college to coaches explaining how best to showcase your skills, we will offer a full explanation of the processes involved in playing at the next level.

  • All players want to grow individually, but also find success on and off the field. Providing an opportunity for players in the valley to have a program aimed at creating that environment will allow players to find that success, not only here, but also regionally. With the MYSA league structure sending the winner of the Premier League to Regionals or the President’s Cup, age groups that have traditionally been diluted between two clubs can now find success as a single unit representing our beautiful area.

  • High-level clubs not only offer high-level soccer training, but also offer speed and agility training as well. We are excited to announce that Flathead Valley United training will include physical training as well, from our own trainers who can focus on specifically training to the athletic demands of the sport.



1 - Can my player still participate in a supplemental program, such as NSC or ODP?
Yes! We encourage all players to pursue any and all opportunities to develop their game to their fullest potential. However, when playing on a Flathead Valley United team, players are expected to be dedicated to the program. This means showing up consistently to practices and games!

2 - Who will run this program?
This is a joint effort by the two league clubs in the Valley, and as such a joint task force will be in charge of all programmatic decisions. Three representatives from each club, including the Directors, Presidents, and an invested coach or board member, will work together to ensure that the best fit for all players is found. Each club has agreed that the best way to provide better opportunities is found when all resources are pooled and all decisions are made when we work together.

3 - Who will the coaches be?
The coaching staff is still taking shape, with the commitments we already have secured listed at the top of this page. As soon as we get commitments from coaches we will release the information.

4 - How are teams formed?
An independent council will assist the head coach in selecting teams in a more traditional process than we have offered separately in the past. We will have observers using a consistent rubric to create a team of the most consistent developmental levels.

5 - How much will this program cost?
This program will cost $575 for Spring teams. 

6 - What are the hidden costs?
We strive to be as open and honest as possible, and there will be zero hidden fees or costs. Everything that will be charged over the course of the season will be listed up-front, and families will know the costs and dates of payment before the program begins. Travel to games and tournaments are not included in the cost. The $50 volunteer fee is also not included, because once you put in the required hours, that payment is cancelled before it's charged to you.

7 - My player was born in 2008- will he/she still try out?
Yes! We are attempting to get players of similar ability playing together. When the team travels to regional tournaments, they will be registered as a 2007 team and play against other 2007 teams, so for a 2008 player to make the team they need to be able to handle the competition! Our play up policy states the 2008 player would need to be in the top 5 of the premier team they are trying out for.

8 - What if my player doesn’t make the team?
The mission of Flathead Valley United is to provide opportunities for all players to play on a team with others of similar ability. We will select a Premier team of 16-22, a Select team of 16-22, and provide pooled training and tournament opportunities for those players who want to continue to train in the spring for high school soccer in the fall through a pooled training environment.

9- Can my player move up to the Premier Team if they are on the Select Team?
Absolutely! We not only want to provide opportunities for growth within each team, but we are looking for players to seize opportunities and earn their spots at whichever developmental level will help them the most. If there is an opening on a team, we will look to fill that spot with a player who has dedicated themselves to earning their chance.

10 - What does winter training look like?
Winter training will consist of both soccer-specific training with the teams and coaches of both Premier and Select teams, as well as speed and agility training for all players with our specific athletic trainers.

11 - What will the MYSA  Spring season look like?
MYSA is striving to provide a structure that is more consistent with USYSA and other state associations around the country. This coming season Premier teams will play in a season against only other Premier-level teams with a home/home structure (other than long distances - Flathead Valley United Premier will meet a Billings Premier team at a neutral site). The consistency of games with more home games guaranteed has long been necessary in the state. After this season MYSA will look to adjust and implement the same structure with Select-level teams as well.

12 - Will the Force and Rapids still offer high-school aged teams?
No. The Flathead Valley United Program pools all players in the valley, along with the resources of both clubs, to provide the best service for all families.

13 - Will the Force and Rapids still offer high-school aged training?
Yes! The Clubs will be offering a supplemental, training-based program throughout the late winter and through the spring for players that would like some extra training to keep their touch for high school, but are not fully committed to a league-season. There will be no travel or games, unless the group as a whole decides to enter the local 3 Blind Refs tournament to finish their training season. The details of this optional training will be released over the course of the winter. 

15 - When are evaluations?
They will be November 2nd and 3rd at Legends Stadium. Please arrive a little early to sign in.

Spring Coaching Staff

High School Boys Premiere- Steve Boone

High School Boys- TBA soon

04 Boys Premier- Bill and Caleb Buxton

05 Boys Premier - Vic Dalla Betta

06 Boys Premier - Doug Brannan

05/06 Boys Select - Mike Himsl

07 Boys Premier- JR Hemp

07 Boys Select- Steven Henning

01-03 Girls- Sean Connolly

04-05 Girls Premier- John Lacey

04-05 Girls Select- Tom Menke

07 Girls Premier- Micah Reason

Indoor Schedule Below:

07 Boys Select starting January 9th, every Thursday. 6:20-7:40pm.

07 Boys Premier starting January 6th, every Monday 6:20-7:40pm.

05/06 Boys Select starting January 12th, every Sunday. 7:00-8:30pm.

06 Boys Premier starting January 8th, every Wednesday. 6:20-7:40pm.

05 Boys Premier starting January 9th, every Thursday. 7:40-9:00pm.

04 Boys Premier starting January 7th, every Tuesday. 7:40-9:00pm.

03-01 Boys starting January 6th, every Monday. 7:40-9:00pm.

07 Girls starting January 7th, every Tuesday. 6:20-7:40pm.

05/04 Girls starting January 8th, every Wednesday. 7:40-9:00pm.

High School Girls starting January 12th, every Sunday. 3:30-5:00pm.

Experienced Keepers starting January 12th, every Sunday 5:00-6:00pm.






*This price does not include uniform costs. Each player will be expected to purchase a uniform for around $150. If you already have the full FVU kit you do not need to buy a new one.

We’ll be providing a payment plan option for those that would like to spread out their payments.  If you’d like to pay everything up-front, we’ve provided that process below.

*All teams are provided free entry into the 3 Blind Ref Tournament in Kalispell, but parents are expected to help out volunteering at the tournament to ensure we don't charge the teams in the future.




If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please view our financial assistance page